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I loved all the chrisine and wanted to know more about them. He spared her a glance, his eyes sweeping over the buxom figure. Raven rubbed her temples in an attempt to relieve the pain pounding in her head. It was hell to be so close to so many people.

A human filled with compassion, intellect and strength. Deep within the shadows he bent his dark head and fed well. War of the Worlds Mike Brunton.

Dark Prince by Christine Feehan

He turned his face up to the heavens reverently in thanks. This was a woman of freedom, strong for a mortal and she would fight his nature at every turn.


Teehan have an understanding and are at peace with one another. It was only then that he realized he was seeing in color. UK Author’s Cut Amazon. The canopy of waving branches, the way the rays of the moon spilled over the trees and bathed the streams in silver.

El Principe Oscuro/ Dark Prince

A curious hush fell in the dining room as Mikhail strode in. Raven lifted her chin. Tall, dark, well-muscled, it was his eyes burning with energy, with darkness, with fehean thousand secrets that drew immediate attention. The less emotion, the easier the restraint. That in itself was a type of seduction.

El Principe Oscuro : Christine Feehan :

Skin like satin, hair like silk. Simplemente Enamorados Mary Balogh. He was not even breathing heavy as if he had not covered miles carrying her in his arms.

She was strong, but not nearly strong ptincipe. A man with unlimited power, arrogant in his strength, a man who believed he had a right to her.

She craved the dangerous force of his body – and he had only touched her with his prinncipe. He took her into the night, moving fluidly, easily, as if her weight was of no consequence. He merely tightened his hold, amusement spreading warmth to the coldness of his eyes.


Misteriosa Aparicion Linda Howard.

She pulled on faded jeans and a crocheted sweater in defiance. He had been given a priceless gift, a treasure unbelievable. Other books in this series. Yet his blood was surging hotly, excitement real. It amazed him how strong she was, there was no telepathic spillage, no way for anyone with telepathic ability other than fehan to tell she was in distress.

But her work keeps her from getting close to others, and has drained her body and spirit. The inn was small, at the edge of the forest where the mountain met the timberline.

The beast was unleashed, deadly, hungry. A young waiter ran to assist the choking man.