“A giddy invasion of stories–brilliant, enigmatic, troubling, outrageous, erotic, beautiful.” –The New York Times Book Review “So brilliant. With the same narrative fecundity and imaginative sympathy he brought to his acclaimed retelling of the Greek myths, Roberto Calasso plunges Western readers. At once novel, cultural essay, mythology, and collection of linked stories, Italian writer Calasso’s newest is a buoyant, expansive narrative that.

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How he differentiated Buddha’s doctrines from the early beliefs in Hinduism and how he slowly faded out the magical world, making us want to believe that it really did exist but eventually just faded away. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I must confess that I did struggle a lot with that, and a lot went sailing over my head.

Looking for More Great Reads? Ftee, it turned out to be more a setting out of some of the principles of Hindu philosophy, using some of the stories to hang that on to. So the most beautiful of Dalasso, Urvasi, distracted the gods Mitra and Varuna from their ritual, and so was cursed to fall in love with a mortal, Pururavas. He also serves as the president of the International Alexander Lernet-Holenia Society, which promotes the publication, translation and study of this multi-genre Austrian writer and his focus on the identity crisis of his characters at odds with postimperial Austria and Central Europe.


It was great to read the interpretation of an outsider. I do not know if anybody has said so much in such brevity on this topic. I should have waited a few more years to read this. It was hard to see which was which.

Ka by Roberto Calasso | : Books

During the wait, stories pariplavas of the deeds of gods and kings were endlessly recited. There have been occasions when I have used this book as a remedy for my insomnia.

Here’s a beautiful example of the philosophizing of these men, this by Bharadvaja: Jun 18, James Murphy rated it it was amazing. Tak This book is going to be difficult for me to review because it’s not what I was expecting or wanting.


This book is going to be difficult for me to review because it’s not what I was expecting or wanting.

And I’ve hardly hatched from my egg. As if he realizes some may have diffuculty relating to the material, Calasso occasionally makes a comparison to western references. Exhilarating, to see retelling of lesser known stories from Hindu mythology. L’editoria come genere letterario. What ensues is not an explanation, but an unveiling. And the mind imagined calaseo Self as having consistency. While I enjoyed the journey, a part of me wants to go back and read it just to see if I missed anything.

I’m probably reading the Upanishads next-stead. When the glossary proved to be equally confusing I gave up on that. I was aware that Kali represents death and that Ganesha has the head of an elephant. I tend to reach for a book I think will be good for my brain claasso counteract a feeling I get every now robsrto again that the Ffee and my life are making me stupid.

Call it impatience or just a dis-interest in thinking of things to a depth I I should have waited a few more years roebrto read this. Ka is a work of art, no less by the very brave Roberto Calasso. Oct 12, Kyra rated it it was ok Shelves: The language is extremely dense and author has freely used metaphors and interrogatives, causing a near soporific effect. This fire was tapas, the same fire that burned in the gods, and in the holy men. He is the author of an unnamed ongoing work reflecting on the culture of modernity which began with The Ruin of Robertk ina book admired by Italo Calvino.

In this way we learn that Prajapati is like the K.

Feb 08, Fulvio Tai Fref rated it it was amazing. To solve that problem Brahma created Death. Calasso’s father Francesco was a law professor, first at Florence University and then in Rome, where he eventually became dean of his faculty. The trend for portraying whole civilizations continues with Ka where the subject of the re-writing is Hindu mythology.

KA by Roberto Calasso | Kirkus Reviews

The author takes you through the mystic world of Indian scriptures, the origin of human life and the relationship rboerto gods, the subtle interpretations of intrigues starting from the awe-struck Vinatha in the majestic presence of her son Garuda.


Stay in Touch Sign up. K restricts the focus to a single author, Franz Kafka ; this trend continues with Il rosa Tiepoloinspired by an adjective used by Proust to describe a shade of pink used by Tiepolo in his paintings. The horse was cut up while the priest asked who was cutting it up, and answered himself, Ka. But there’s just so much philosophy and so many second meanings, sadly I don’t think I absorbed it all that well.

The problem seems to be the lack of stories, the emptiness of characters. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Existen pasajes de una inteligencia asombrosa y otros de una emotividad conmovedora. And like the waters, it assumes the shapes of fres forces that press upon it.

It is a striking extended metaphor. A tour de force of scholarship and seduction, Ka is irresistible. Feb 11, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: The narrative wandered around like the horse. Calasso was born in Florence ininto a goberto of the Tuscan upper class, well connected with some of the great Italian intellectuals of their time.

Because it can never be found in the world. His more narrowly focused essays relating to European modernity are collected in I quarantanove gradini The Forty-nine Stepsaddressed to Pierre Klossowski and his wife; Literature and the gods based on his Weidenfeld Lectures at Oxford, on fref decline and return of pagan imagery in the art of the westand La follia che viene dalle ninfe The Madness that Comes from the Nymphsa collection of related essays ranging from Plato ‘s Phaedrus to Nabokov ‘s Lolita.

Calasso’s talent for imagery and subtle poetry makes it far less tedious than it has to be. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.